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Our distillery is one of only two tequila co-ops in Mexico and is owned by all 80 of the agave farmers in Juanacatlán, a town in the midlands of the tequila-producing state of Jalisco. These farmers select only the very best from their harvests for tequila production. As a result, the agave that our distillery starts with, and the tequila it becomes, is unlike any other in the world of tequila – it's the only one that has the specific taste profile of an agave from this region.


Soltado is made with agave plants that mature for 6 to 10 years under the strict supervision of dedicated workers whose families have spent generations perfecting the age-old art of agave cultivation. Once ripened, the piña (agave hearts) are taken to the distillery where they are steamed for 48 hours in traditional masonry ovens to release natural sugars. 100% pure agave nectar is then extracted and used as the foundation for the fermentation process.

The agave nectar is fermented with yeast imported from Chile that only our distillery uses, which adds even more diversity to an already distinctive tequila. The blend is then vaporized and condensed in stainless steel stills to purify the agave nectar. This process is repeated twice to create the actual raw, distilled tequila.


We filter the raw tequila 10 times to ensure our tequila is as pure as possible. Then, we age it for 28 months inside sealed white oak barrels to create a premium añejo tequila. The aging process transforms the tequila into a rich amber color and adds another layer of smooth complexity to serve as the base for our product.


Soltado truly distinguishes itself from other tequila by adding one final step. We use a proprietary infusion process with serrano peppers from a farmers market near the distillery and natural cinnamon. These flavors are added to our already premium tequila to best complement its varying tastes.